May 2018

Todays PA Conference - 16 and 17th August 2018

One of those 'not to be missed' events for the Summer of 2018 is Todays PA Conference, hosted by Paul Pennant and his award winning team.

Todays PA spoke to John Hotowka, a motivational business speaker and former professional magician, about how PAs can use ‘Achievement Thinking’ strategies and techniques to enhance the way they work, make sure they stay focused when under pressure, and handle the doubts and fears that can hold them back. Click HERE to read the full interview.  

John will be speaking at the Today’s PA Conference. He’ll look at quick, simple ways to turn our focus away from the problem and start to think about how we can solve it.

The full programme conference outline is:

First Day – 16th August – Managing Your Manager Successfully - Masterclass

How to develop communication styles to increase rapport with your manager

Tips for managing upwards

Assertiveness and handling communication in a conflict situation

Questioning techniques to increase understanding

Understand the importance of body language

Listening skills

This day is only available to conference attendees and cannot be booked on its own.

Second Day – 17th August - Conference Day

What Do Leaders Look for in Their PAs?

Resilience – Essential Strategies and Tools for the Pressured PA

Effective Management of Your Mood and Mindset

The Ever-Evolving Role of the PA

Magic Moments with Microsoft

Adapting Your Working Style to That of Your Manager’s

How PAs and Managers Work Together

And Much More…

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