February 2018

The Word Administrators Summit - Survey request for October 2018


Attention: Administrative/Office Professional,

The Word Administrators Summit (WASummit) is a global meeting of administrative and office professionals and their associations committed to guiding, influencing and positively developing the profession. The WASummit has convened nine times since 1992. It provides the international platform for peer-to-peer discussion regarding relevant topics that potentially impact those working in the administrative profession.

The WASummit is conducting an important study of position titles and networking for administrative/office professionals across the world; two of this year’s topics for discussion. Position titles are a crucial element that influences how the business world perceives administrative and office professionals. Networking enables us to internationally work together, share knowledge and speak with one voice.

Having a position title which better aligns to your role responsibilities will enhance perceived team value, career progression and desired recognition.  With no single job title for the work administrative/office professionals undertake (as there is for a teacher, lawyer, nurse, etc.), there has been a huge proliferation of position titles and responsibilities, internationally.  

The information gathered in this survey will contribute to the discussions at the 10th WASummit in Frankfurt Germany on 24/25 October 2018. We aim to determine common characteristics of administrative/office professionals’ current roles, responsibilities and titles and ultimately provide strategies for enhancement. The purpose of these discussions is to:

  • provide information on position title options that is credible and useful
  • enable administrative/office professionals to choose titles to suit their own role and industry and confirm how those titles fit within the profession internationally 
  • better understand your networking practices so we can support these internationally
  • provide guidance for administrative/office professionals internationally.

However, we need your help! Please participate in this ground-breaking initiative by completing this survey (link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/B75YK37) about your role, responsibilities and networking?  It will take approximately 10 minutes.

You can change your answers until you have pressed the “Done” button to submit your completed survey. Your individual responses will be anonymous.

If you receive this survey from more than one source, please only complete it only once. However, please share this survey widely within your own networks.  When sharing, if you wish, at the front of the second paragraph delete the words “The WASummit is conducting…” and replace with:

“Xxxx (the name of your association) supports the WASummit in conducting …”


“I support the WASummit in conducting …” 

We appreciate your time and assistance in completing this survey and in having your voice heard! Thank you in advance for your time and insights.


World Administrators Summit Advisory Council

Eth Lloyd M.Ed. AAPNZ (Life, Cert. Fellow)

Chairman, Advisory Council, World Administrators Summit
Workplace Assessor, Enderby Associates Ltd
AAPNZ Professional Development Advisor