Social Media

Where to find pa-assist on Social Media

In case you hadn't noticed pa-assist now has a presence on the following Social Media platforms:


Web site news ...
You can now follow us on Twitter - for news about the pa-assist web site, our latest features, developments, advertisers, sponsors and competitions you can keep up to date by following us @pa_assist - created just a few weeks ago - you can take a look by following this link:

PA Networking Events ...
If you are looking for opportunities to network with your peers - look out for the PA Networking section on the web site - and you can keep up to date on Twitter by following us @panetworking - here's the link:

LinkedIn for pa-assist members

Don't forget - you can always join over 2,500 members in our discussion group on LinkedIn - here's the link:

More news about our Social Media developments coming soon!