April 2018

International VA Day - Collaboration not competition

"Collaboration not competition" has been at the heart of the UK VA industry for many years - a quote coined (I believe) by Roz Bott in the VASG Skype chat.  It's something which I wholeheartedly subscribe to and want to support.  At its heart, it's about thinking about what is best for the industry as a whole and being generous of spirit when it comes to helping one another - whether that's sharing a VA event, pointing a newbie in the right direction, or simply accrediting stats properly in quotes. 

If you need this pic in a different format, please let me know?

International VA Day - Friday 18th May 2018 

On International Virtual Assistants Day, Friday 18 May, we'd love for you to:

  • use the stickers, show us what you did;
  • post the logo (also attached here);
  • and use the hashtags #CollaborationNotCompetition #virtualassistant

Let's get it trending!


Caroline Wylie