June 2019

Global PA Association to announce the launch of Global PA Awards



14th June: Global PA Association will announce the launch of our Global PA Awards. 

We are the only academically backed expert membership, training and recruitment association for the EA & PA profession - we constantly campaign for higher recognition and more diverse career paths for our Members.

Building on our training and development of EAs & PAs across the world, Global PA Association have personally met EAs & PAs from across the world from SE Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, UK & USA. We have been consistently impressed by the calibre and high standards of the profession and along with our vision of Academic Excellence and our University Partnership we wanted to reward hard working EAs & PAs across the globe. 

Our Award Regions are the following:

Global PA Award Australia

Global PA Award SE Asia

Global PA Award Africa

Global PA Award Middle East

Global PA Award Europe

Global PA Award UK

Global PA Award USA

The overall Winner will become Global PA of the Year 2019

Further details to follow.

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