February 2018

Global PA Association - Prize Draw: Win £100 of Amazon Vouchers

Prize Draw: Win £100 of Amazon Vouchers by completing our Survey
The Global PA Association are reviewing where the EA & PA profession is now in 2018 and what it requires for the future. We want to know if you are still feeling 'forgotten in the workplace', which was one of the results of our Academic Research with Kingston University Business School a few years ago. 
Our survey will take 10 minutes to complete and you have the opportunity to win £100 of Amazon Vouchers. The results of the Survey will be announced in my Keynote Speech at the Office* Show at Olympia on Thursday 1st March at 3pm and published after the event.
This survey will ensure that here at the Global PA Association we can continue to offer you the services that are relevant to your needs. Please pass the survey on to your colleagues for completion as well.
Thank you, Rosemary Parr, Founder Global PA Association.