Get Fully Booked: 15 Ways to Increase Business Credibility

In an ideal world, building a successful business would go like this:
•    Great business idea
•    Develop product/services
•    Offer to prospective clients
•    Gain lots of clients 

But this isn’t an ideal world and there are essential elements in building a business that you can’t afford to ignore. Credibility is right up there on the list – it can make or break your business. 

It doesn’t matter that you’re excellent at what you do. It doesn’t matter that your current clients know this. Because credibility isn’t actually about who you are, it’s about people’s perception of who you are. You may be the best (  ___ fill in the blank __ ) on the planet, but if potential new clients aren’t seeing that, you could end up being the world’s best kept secret.

Show your prospective clients basic levels of credibility, and they’ll start looking. Let them know you’re strongly credible, and they’ll start listening. Show them you’re an authority in your field – and you’ll become irresistible. 

Below are 21 ways to help you avoid pitfalls and grow business credibility to attract clients. 


As people we judge other people. It’s the way we function. So, here are a few do’s as opposed to don’ts.   

1.    Do get a professional website and a corresponding email address under your own domain name. A website is where prospective clients  learn about you and your services. It doesn’t have to be the most advanced, the most beautiful, the most complicated, just make sure it shows you off and doesn’t show you up. 
2.    Do have a top quality business card. Your card speaks volumes, make sure it’s saying the right thing. 
3.    Do have professional photos. You’re a professional you need a professional shot.
4.    Do harness the power of testimonials. People follow people like themselves. Marketers call this “social proof.” And you gain huge trust  by using testimonials from real people.
5.    Do have a professional bio. Your “About me” page is the most visited on all service-based websites. Have a photo and a professional biography to build your credibility. If it’s brief, to the point and written to convey your personality readers will connect. A good video is also always a bonus.
6.    Do complete and update your profiles on your selected networks. You don’t need to be on all social media platforms, just where your ideal clients hang out. When choosing these, include at least one of the “big three” (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). Consistency and accuracy build credibility.


7.    Blog regularly. I recently completed a 30-day blogging challenge. An enriching experience both for me and for my business. Amongst other things, it helped me increase credibility with clients. I know this because they say so, and the business numbers endorse that. 

You don’t have to blog every day, regularity is the key word. And your blog posts don’t have to go on and on - Seth Godin’s a great example of someone conveying powerful messages in as little as a couple of paragraphs.

8.    Write for major blogs and publications. Ramit Sethi, the New York Times bestselling author, offers excellent advice on a guest blogging proposal here.
9.    Become a public speaker. Before you pass out, if podiums petrify you, remember you can start with short talks at local networking events before working up to the Albert Hall! Public speaking instantly grows your credibility and spreads your message. 
10.    Deliver training courses, master classes and workshops. Convert your service into a series of workshops - an instant credibility boost!
11.    Offer webinars and teleseminars. These need to be high value and great content, solving some of the pressing issues clients have. Such offerings not only boost business credibility but take it to a higher level. 
12.    Podcast or speak on a regular radio show. Services such as BlogTalkRadio make it possible for everyone to reach a wider audience.


This is a game changer. Yes, it takes time and effort. But if you want a super-successful, service-based business, this should be a goal. You can achieve it by: 

13.    Developing a signature programme. There is no “new” information as such. But clearly defining your ideal client, your niche and your brand, means you’re in a great place to both develop your signature offering and to stand out.
14.    Write a book. Now you’ve developed your signature offering. Write about it. A book is perhaps the greatest instant credibility builder. Everyone dreams of writing a book, so tremendous trust is placed in anyone who actually does it.
15.    The power of PR. Do you trust people whose website says, “As seen on BBC, CNN, Forbes, etc.”? Of course. A strong PR strategy can work wonders for your business. And your credibility will fly, sky-high. 

Credibility can make or break your business. But (and this is a big but!) credibility can be powerless without its companion - likeability. People need to like you to trust you. So remember, be authentic, be you – you are your biggest business asset!

To your advantage,


Article by Advantage Woman

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