Lenka Lutonska

  Lenka Lutonska is a women’s business coach, professional speaker, and an international trainer of NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming).
Lenka’s specialty is helping professionals to apply practical psychology for outstanding performance at work. Having trained and coached over one thousand people and business teams in NLP, leadership, communication, presenting and sales skills, Lenka has a profound understanding of how human brain works and what it takes to succeed. She is the only UK based ABNLP accredited trainer with a 100% certification score.

Originally from Slovakia, Lenka moved to the UK at the age of 19 to work for some of the major names in the hospitality industry and quickly became an award-winning business manager. Lenka boasts a vast range of experience in applying practical psychology for the growth of people and business.

Described by many as a deeply knowledgeable and inspirational trainer and coach, Lenka loves being on her feet helping bright, passionate and demanding professionals to excel. As a happy wife and mother of two active boys, Lenka relishes the challenges her varied working life offers.

Client’s feedback:

“Lenka is a great professional that is able to bring her training material to a very practical level. I have been lucky enough to attend her excellent training and coaching on how to improve my performance at work. Lenka’s training is by far the best training I have ever attended." – J.P. Crisol-Galisteo, SVP, Visa Europe

"My interest in NLP started primarily as a way to improve my sales and management skills. However, having experienced its power through Lenka’s course, subsequently I now see it as having much wider applicability. Lenka is a wonderful teacher, patient, charming, fun and very very knowledgeable - and, she is modest, only gradually revealing the truly admirable extent of her achievements within the field of NLP. It really is rare in my experience that we are lucky enough to meet a person who changes our lives.” – C. Kenny, Director, Macnamara ICT Ltd

"Lenka is a Master in her field. She has a rare depth of understanding and communication skills to be envied. I would recommend her to everyone." - S. Collinson, Maintel

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