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PA Networking & Events

29/09/2016 – Hampshire – PA Life at The Elvetham Hotel (Members only)
Join fellow PA Life Club members for a show round at The Elvetham, one of Hampshire’s best venues. To find out more, visit http://palife.co.uk/pa-life-club/

30/09/2016 - Reading - UK VA Network
10:00-12:30pm. Bi-monthy VA networking event. More details to follow

05/10/2016 – London - LCCI PA CLUB Showcase Event
8:00–11.00am. Venue. At The Hippodrome Casino, Cranbourn Street, London. If you are a PA, EA, Office Manager, or responsible for booking travel, accommodation, corporate events, meetings, entertainment and gifts, book to attend the Showcase Morning as it has been tailored to help you! This exhibition style event will bring together up to 50 of London’s finest venues, travel agencies, service providers and gift companies in a relaxed and informal environment.


For more details and more PA Networking Events, please click here.

Learning and Development

29/09/2016 - London - 7 Key Skills of Exceptional 21st Century PAs - Global PA Training Academy
The 7 Key Skills offer you a blueprint for the EA & PA role to benchmark yourself against. Review and assess your abilities in each of the 7 Key Skills. Discover new ways of working, managing your time, increase your emotional intelligence to communicate effectively with leaders, review your contribution within teams, know your brand and Ambassadorial role within your organisation. And a lot more...

29-30/09/2016 - London - Role of the Executive PA
Provided by the IOD. The role of the Executive PA has never been more pivotal to the effectiveness of the director and board. The course combines over 100 years of experience developing business leaders across all sectors with a unique understanding of how critical the role of the Executive PA is to ensuring effective leadership and driving tangible business improvements. See more details here http://www.pa-assist.com/role-of-the-executive-pa or to book please call 020 7766 2601 or e-mail: professionaldev@iod.com

04/10/2016 – Leeds – Event Health & Safety - EMC Event Management Courses
One-day Event Health and Safety Course provides essential information to event managers and practitioners on how to create a sound Health and Safety plan. The course will cover information which is essential to the creation of documentation that is not only important but as mandated by law such as Risk Assessments and Method Statements. The course also includes planning of emergencies that may happen during any event.

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